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  • Gamecocks Grapple with Missed Chances

    In a nail-biting showdown, the Gamecocks faced off against LSU, ending in a heart-wrenching 64-63 loss. Head coach Lamont Paris expressed his frustration post-game, highlighting missed opportunities and decisions that led to the team running out of chances. Coach Paris emphasized the limited opportunities one has to make the right decisions in a game, and […]

  • Gamecocks Say “Rank Us!” With Another SEC Win Over Georgia

    Secure Top 25 Spot with Impressive 19-3 Record By W. E. Cocky Follow @shotwithgrace on instagram for the amazing photos In a thrilling showdown against the Georgia Bulldogs, the South Carolina Gamecocks displayed a tremendous competitive effort, securing a crucial victory and extending their winning streak to five games. With a current record of 19-3, […]

  • Gamecocks Stun #6 Kentucky with Defensive Prowess

    In a thrilling matchup that saw the South Carolina Gamecocks secure a significant victory over the #6 ranked Kentucky Wildcats, Coach Lamont Paris took the podium to discuss the game. The Gamecocks’ 16-3 record and stellar defensive performance were the focal points of the conversation. Coach Paris began by expressing his delight at the fun […]

  • Gamecocks Hit a Speed Bump: Coach Paris Reflects on Tough Loss to Alabama

    In a surprising turn of events, the South Carolina Gamecocks faced a setback in their impressive season with a 74-47 loss against Alabama. Coach Lamont Paris shared his thoughts on the game during the post-match press conference. Coach Paris Commends Early Efforts Coach Paris acknowledged the team’s strong start, contrasting it with their previous game […]

  • Gamecocks’ Resilience and Hope

    By Wee B Cocky Columbia, SC – October 31, 2023 South Carolina Gamecocks head coach, Shane Beamer, faced the media with a determined tone as he prepared his team for their upcoming game against Jacksonville State. Beamer expressed his confidence in his players’ resilience and his eagerness to tackle the challenges in the weeks ahead. […]